The Dangers of Cellphones

A couple years ago I stopped using cellphones, I practically stopped using phones at all, as I found that even cordless phones hurt my ears after about 30 seconds. Most of the people I knew were quite annoyed by this and still are….To be honest, I actually did use it a couple days ago when my Uncle called to book a Christmas party. Usually he is brief, so I figured I’d be off in no time. He had some interesting news, though, and so we were talking for a couple minutes. Sure enough my ear started heating up and was soon burning. I started to get that ringing and throbbing in my inner ear…fortunately it wasn’t really a very long conversation.

It did bring back my attention to the problem that what is now being called e-smog is causing to the health of us and the planet. The sad thing is that this has all been known for years. I just finished watching an interview from 2006 with the scientist who was actually hired by the Cellphone industry to study the health effects on humans. He studied it for 7 years and then came up with an answer that the cellphone industry didn’t like. Yes, they are causing harm and, even worse, he considers them to be the number one cause of cancer in children.

Oil Pulling Detox

Oil Pulling Detox

I first read of this unusual healing technique in Moon Time: The Art of Harmony with Nature and Lunar Cycles by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe when I first moved to New Zealand. At that time for some reason I couldn't get my hands on cold-pressed sunflower or sesame oil and didn't get a chanc ...