How You Can Support Village #Occupy

I’ve been spending all the time I can lately down Village #Occupy Vancouver. It is so lovely to have a new-old village in the middle of the downtown! I have mostly been listening to people, I have heard complaints about the system from all kinds and I have heard complements about the movement from all kinds as well. I feel Vancouver has a special opportunity especially as we are on Unceded land that has been consecrated for this movement and we have Elders from the people of this land who are willing to work with us even if we are an ignorant bunch.

Today I spent some time helping out in the kitchen. An amazing lady came down around 2 pm with a whole cart full of food. Delicious rice, made with veggies, a large bowl of hummus, a big salad, which she was very upset about as it had somehow spilled on the bus ride. Tons of pita bread and bags of grapes! People loved it. She happily headed off home to get ready to start cooking again the next morning! Incredible. That is one fantastic way to help support the movement.