Vision for a Return to Health

I posted a while ago about the contempt of court trial that I attended, regarding our local community dairy. We have finally gotten the word from the judge, he found our x-Agister Alice Jongerdon in contempt of court, fortunately he didn’t charge her any penalties. This is rather disappointing news. But in all the dragging of feet and whatnot that this red-tape is taking up, Michael Schmidt is way ahead of the game, with a vision to create a new movement of small local dairies, providing real food to real people.

It seems clear that all of this attention on raw milk and local community dairies is causing a bit of a stir in Health Canada. As I mentioned, Michael Schmidt, instead of getting caught up in all that nonsense is forging ahead. I don’t know all the detail about his new project CowShare Canada, so I can’t tell you much. What he is doing is creating our own regulatory system–as it is very important to make sure that raw milk dairy’s are up to par. It is vital that the cows are healthy and pasture fed.