Portland in Spring

  • cherry blossom city

    cherry blossom city

  • tots


  • cherry blossoms

    cherry blossoms

  • blossom


  • yorio


  • cherry arch

    cherry arch

  • bridge cherryblossoms

    bridge cherryblossoms

  • GAPS burger

    GAPS burger

  • burger


  • ordering from burger bus

    ordering from burger bus

  • kitchen burger bus

    kitchen burger bus

  • rib pit

    rib pit

  • yorio 2

    yorio 2

  • portland corner

    portland corner

Loved the cherry blossoms that were in full swing when we visited Portland. This slideshow features some of the fun food carts we stopped at during our weekend in Portland. The Dixon Rib Pit and Burgers or Bust were favorites. More about our food cart experiences here.

Seattle – Portland Amtrak

Seattle – Portland Amtrak

This is such a beautiful train ride. All up and down the West Coast is gorgeous and we all know, the train is the way to go. They have fantastic windows in the train. We go through Tacoma and past Boeing, it is a really interesting ride--a pretty good glimpse into the All American Hometown style. ...