Stop SmartMeters in Solidarity with #Occupy Movements

This is an open letter to anyone who is electrically sensitive or who just loves their health and doesn’t want to be slowly microwaved in their own homes. BC has currently declared a moratorium on installing any more Smart Meters, but has continued to do it in certain places anyway. Also for folks like me who live in an apartment and already have a Smart Meter this doesn’t get it uninstalled. If you haven’t heard about this issue or don’t know what a Smart Meter is, please read this article about the Corporate agenda behind Canada’s National Energy Plan: High Voltage: Spin & Lies of a Global Energy Grid.

The following letter is from Susan Brinchman Director and Founder of the Center for Electrosmog Prevention please print out fliers and posters and pass them out at your local demonstrations to get more people informed about this issue.

Dear Friends,

I ask that you share this message far and wide, to all groups you belong to and your email list.

Smart meters are an excessive form of corporate abuse of our bodies and our rights. Let us join our anti-smart meter efforts to the Wall Street protests in our local cities and towns.