Good Vs Ineffective Probiotics

Michael Larsen is the father of twins, one of whom was diagnosed with Autism in 2008. After implementing the Body Ecology diet along with plenty of young coconut water kefir their daughter, Tula, is now fully recovered and living a full and healthy life. Michael and his wife, Holly, founded the company Tula’s Coconut Kefir which also sells young coconut meat yogurt. (My gut says yum.) They also give workshops across North America on fermented foods and gut health.

What is The Best Probiotic? by Michael Larsen.

What qualities make a probiotic food, beverage or supplement more or less effective? Probiotics have gained much attention recently as beneficial and healthy – and for good reason. They can be very effective in boosting immune function, aiding digestion, and even alleviating the symptoms of many health conditions.

Understanding what makes a good probiotic versus an ineffective one will help you make wise choices that will benefit you and/or your family and your pocket book. There are effective ways to deliver probiotics and there are other, often more cost effective ways that provide little or no benefit to the end user. There are companies releasing products with probiotics in them that are simply less viable. So what do you need to know?