Lady Day – Feminine Resurrection

I was just looking over some posts from last year and found this in a post about seeds, seasons, rebirth and resurrection:

Lady Day, the 25th of March, was a very ancient celebration of the Great Rite, or the holy marriage. In the legends of ancient Sumer, Inanna descends to the underworld on the vernal equinox, she passes through the seven gates, leaving an article of clothing at each gate. When she arrives she is naked and is killed by her sister, Ereshkigal, queen of the underworld, and hung on a hook. After three days and nights, Innana is rescued and sprinkled with life-giving water. On the 25th of March, Lady Day, Innana is resurrected. Traditionally, rituals re-inacted this rebirth/resurrection every year. Think of a seed, which is buried and put into the earth, as though dead. It is sprinkled with water and a few days later bursts out of the ground a new life, but also, in a sense, the old. The process of walking through the underworld has created something new.

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