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Light TunnelThere is an amazing lady Harsha Rigney who is an Astrological Councellor. She lives in New Zealand and writes the most spot on and comprehensive horoscopes I have ever had the opportunity to read. She also produces a fantastic Astrovision Moon Calendar, which is specific to the Southern Hemisphere but is full of very pertinent information. Her health horoscopes for 2010 were recently published in the Healthy Options December issue and brings light to the challenges we are all facing…

“We have all stepped into the pressure zone–no one is exempt; we are all under the challenge to break through the confining control of fear to come to a new dimension of living. Humanity is in the process of metamorphosis–both globally and for each of us individually. As in the stages of metamorphosis, as each new life form beckons, it initiates the process of death for the old identity before the new life can emerge.”

This seems particularly relevant as I keep hearing of bizarre injuries and other challenges that friends are currently facing. The last few years have been very challenging for me personally and have really forced me to become aware of many unconscious beliefs and patterns, it has been a dark time as well, where I have been unable to see a vision of the future which I usually can see for myself. A couple nights ago I had a wonderful dream of community but woke to a phone call that triggered a deep fear that has nestled in me since 1999. The dream was so vivid and gave me a new vision of the world that I have been longing for and the fear from the call gave me extra motivation to bring the vision down into the physical world. It feels like we are walking on a tightrope and could easily slip and fall off, but there is also the feeling of deep security, that even if we do fall, there will be another chance and that the fall is also part of the learning and process of metamorphosis.

“Over recent years we have been preparing ourselves for this occasion. We have been clearing the clutter both physically and metaphysically from our lives. This has seen us purge great amounts of possessions and assets, dreams and promises all in the name of lightening our load. We have been diligently processing our emotional issues, releasing the pain from our past, freeing up stagnant energy and blowing out the cobwebs….We have been cutting the ties with our so-called comfort zones, turning the spotlight onto our old habits and identifying our attachments….we have been under an intense cleansing process.”

I found it interesting to read this paragraph as I have been struggling with health issues for the past three years ever since we discovered toxic mushrooms growing out of our carpet while living in a damp apartment in Wellington, NZ. I recently completed a cleansing fast designed to remove any impacted matter from my colon, at the end of the fast I felt squeaky clean and fresh as a newborn baby after a bath. I just love the images that are evoked in this next paragraph…

Seedling“From the death of the old identity comes disintegration. This composting stage is vital, as it’s where the old identity is completely dissolved. With unwavering trust the spirit knows that the rebirth will occur even though at this reference life looks to be retracting. The turning point will come where the power of transformation will surge forth, breaking through with great ardor. From the compost new life will emerge, being reborn in a new image, structure and form. This entire process is demanding, intense and powerful.”

The image of composting, the hot wet and smelly process where our friends, the micro-organisms are assisting in breaking down, digesting and processing and creating a rich humus, providing a nourishing ground for the new seed to sprout is one that is in many mythologies. It is a process that requires time and patience and may at first seem impossible and completely at odds with the end result.

“As we step into 2010 we all need to have a clear sense of direction, a dedication to a set plan or goal. It is essential that we are committed to our target, as any distractions that take us from our path will be costly….There are tasks for us to achieve, a purpose to fulfill. There is no time to waste, progress has to be made. Yes, this does have a military overtone to it. It’s time for us to rebuild global business structures, bringing our attention to our own contribution in this great mission….Our bones, teeth and knees will all be under extra strain, as we will carry the tensions of our work, the stress of our responsibilities and the seriousness of our tasks in these body parts….The definition and balance of quantity and quality needs to be established in our lives…It’s time to bring the craftsman’s focus of quality back into our work.”

This image of bringing quality, care and artisan dedication to creating the most beautiful artwork such as the Shakers used to do is very important today, in a world where mistakes are ignored and covered up. When a craftsperson is at work if they make a mistake they will often start again, or they will go back–and unravel what may be half the completed work just to pick up a dropped stitch, putting care and energy into the project to make it as perfect and lovely as they can. In our current world we rarely see mistakes in laws, or in philosophies rectified (health insurance!), instead they are covered up with more laws and more and more mistakes and injustices are the result. It is indeed time to respect the quality of a true craftsperson.

“It is highly recommended for each and every one of us to have a buddy to share the load when we need it….What is required is that you have someone at your side to confide in, to hold you accountable to your tasks and to offer support when you need it. With such a relationship in our lives, we will alleviate any lower back problems from developing. It’s when we feel unsupported, alone in our tasks and burdened that our lower back aches. Remember, we all need to make this breakthrough and team effort will be most effective. Sharing is the key to our success at this point.”

2010 Moon Calendar

“Being rigid, resistant and reluctant to change will bring on headaches and migraines….The quest for discovering new unexplored terrain will be dynamic. It will aspire us to proclaim our individuality–by rights, talents, choices and lifestyle. From 2010, we all need to be motivated in creating a new beginning, planting seeds of ideas and possibilities for future development.”

For those of you who can I would highly recommend getting this issue of Healthy Options (Dec 2009) or contacting Harsha Rigney directly as she also does personalized Birth Charts, Transitional and Fertility Readings. She follows this introduction to 2010 with monthly astrovisions for the individual signs…I am Libra and the things she recommends and sees for me are right in line with what I have finally become aware of, I need to get some structure into my life, the past couple years have made it hard for me to do this, because as soon as I start to get into a routine, I get sick and then I have to start all over trying to get a routine. In the meantime, part of the reason I keep getting sick is because I have a hard time knowing my limits or boundaries and push myself too far, so I cause the very thing that I am trying to avoid. But understanding this I hope to be able to listen to my body and to establish patterns that will take my limitations into account instead of ignoring them.

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  1. Hi HellaD,
    thanks for the great feedback on our work. We are appreciative of you promoting our Astrovision Moon Calendar as well.

    In reference to it being a Southern Hemisphere production it is only in regards to the time zones. The times given in the Moon Calendar are in New Zealand time – this is 12 hours ahead of GMT (or 13 during daylight saving) which can be converted to wherever you are on this Earth. All of the information is relevant to everyone worldwide.

    2010 is a HUGE year of change for us all. Time to focus on creating breakthroughs where obstacles have been before. We wish you all the best with the changes in your life.
    Love, & blessings
    Harsha & Sufi Rigney

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