Traditional Water Kefir

I stumbled across this really practical and well done video on how to make water kefir. Although I have been reading about kefir for years, I hadn’t had an opportunity to make it myself until this year when my sister brought some up to me from a friend who had given her some. This stuff is fantastic. Convenient, quick to make, and very healthy. I love that she uses the ole fashioned cane sugar. It is said to be good for your drains too–who’d have thunk it, right?

Anyway I had to share this video, it is short as well, exactly the amount of time it takes to refresh your kefir gems for the next batch.

This video is by castingvaldes.

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  1. hellaD

    Oh by the way I do have water kefir grains now. I have just rehydrated them so hopefully they will grow strong and multiply vigorously 🙂

  2. Sipping on my first batch of water kefir right now. I made mine a bit differently – the grains plus honey, raisins, ginger slices, a half of lemon that just bobs up and down and well, water of course.

    Dreg says it tastes like dirt, but I think it’s pretty good!

    1. hellaD

      Man that sounds good with the ginger and raisins. I made it with the dairy keffir for a while, but I really want to get my hands on the actual water keffir grains.

    2. msho

      enjoy! … but don’t use honey! it will kill your grains!

  3. ruthie abramson

    thanks for the video. do you grow your own water kefir. have you had success with it. i have milk kefir i would like to change over to water kefir, have you made your kefir that way?

    1. hellaD

      I haven’t gotten my hands on the real water kefir grains yet, but I washed some of my milk kefir grains off and have been using them to make water kefir with. It comes out pretty good, but maybe not quite the same as if they were the real grains. I find it a tasty way to drink my tap water, which is rather metalic from my old pipes :-(. I still like the milk kefir though and so I make a cup every day and add rose water to it (yum). Given the recent goings on with the milk industry though, I definitely prefer not to use industrial milk and raw milk is expensive and not so easy to access in Canada so I find water kefir to be a tasty and affordable substitute.

      1. E_scape

        Does anyone have extra water kefir grains to share in the Victoria, BC area????

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