Tutorial: How to Post to Hella Delicious

This tutorial will explain in detail how to post an article for www.helladelicious.com. We need to follow certain guidelines in order to keep the site looking uniform, sharp and spiffy. These are the steps I follow when creating a new post.

The following video gives you a quick overview of the various buttons and what they do for publishing a post on any wordpress site. The following info will go over my preferred method for posting. I prefer to use HTML rather than Visual (see the top right-hand section of the content box) when posting. It is very helpful to have some basic HTML code literacy these days. To get started posting you don’t actually need to know HTML to use the HTML section rather than the Visual. You will learn the basics simply by using that editing format. Using HTML will also help you have more control over what you are posting. At first it might take you a while to get the hang of it, but stick with it, pretty soon it will become second nature and will go much faster. Specific details on posting a recipe can be found at the bottom of the page.

How To Blog and Twitter for Real Food

How To Blog and Twitter for Real Food

Many people have been saying this for a while--we have the tools to create a whole different world at our fingertips and we are still tied up with all sorts of outdated institutions that are causing more problems than they are solving. The US elections are a good example of how much time, energy and ...