Volunteering at the Market and Roasted Kohlrabi

So I volunteered again at the Farmer’s Market with Klipper’s Organics. Well I’ve volunteered several times but I don’t post enough to detail every single volunteer experience!

I am continuing to enjoy my time at the market, falling into the days rhythm of unpacking, stocking, re-stocking and packing. Taking breaks for chili or scones or just general wandering. I’ve watched cooking demonstrations, listened to wonderful music, and sampled, sampled, sampled!  Oh what fun!

Volunteering at the Market and Spinach Salad

Volunteering at the Market and Spinach Salad

This is my last semester of classes before I finish my Masters degree. While I still have a practicum to finish and thesis to write I am beginning to feel like I am close to the end. In honor of this ending, I wanted to really celebrate the student life this summer, by this I mean not working full t ...