End Factory Farming Occupy the Food System

It is a delight to see more articles popping up lately discussing how us foodies need to put our differences aside and focus on ending this despicable practice of factory farming. Absolutely. I spent a little bit of time volunteering at the Food not Bombs kitchen set up for the people down at Occupy Vancouver. Although there was a large sign saying ‘vegan’ on one area of the kitchen, the people working there were happy to accept whatever donations were offered. Much of the items being donated were coming from the industrial agricultural system. Chips and crackers, bread, sometimes snacks filled with MSG, aspartame and food coloring. It would be great to be able to provide really good food from local farms, nourishing and healing. I also heard many of the people down there mentioning various digestive complaints and other issues. It is good to put a system into place to get top quality food to everyone. Personally I would like to ban refined sugar completely for a start. That stuff is so evil, just take a second to think about it’s history for a second even without knowing anything about how addictive it is and how damaging to health.