Vandana Shiva

Edible Oil Wars: Adulterated Mustard Oil

Given the rising plethora of food outbreaks courtesy of our industrial food system, this article will give us some history and a clear example of how large-scale agriculture is destroying every corner of our world.

The following events are taken from Vandana Shiva’s book Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply, which was written in 2000. As she states, the Indian small scale edible oil industry is not what it once was.

The story of how the soybean displaced mustard in India within a few months of open imports is a story being repeated with different foods, crops, and cultures across the world, as subsidized exports from industrialized countries are dumped on agricultural societies, destroying livelihoods, biodiversity, and cultural diversity of food. The expansion of global markets is taking place by extinguishing local economies and cultures.

For Gen X Eyes Only

For Gen X Eyes Only

I am reposting this rather militant article I wrote last year for a local magazine in Los Angeles which has now gone under. Although it was written a while ago, I have to say that I still agree, but now I think that many 'sleeper agents' are already awake - watch out multinational corporations! ...