The Vaccine Industry is Floundering

"Why, knowing how dangerous mercury is, does the vaccine industry use Thimerosal at all? Why don't the government agencies responsible to protect our population, who have to know how dangerous this situation is, do something about this issue?"


Swine Flu Hoax

There are many ways to boost your immune system and prevent illness. The pharmaceutical industry is geared to make a profit, to look at statistics, not individuals. I personally would never dream of getting another vaccination. I understand in certain areas of the US vaccines are becoming mandatory. I would highly recommend looking into this area yourself as ultimately it is you who could be harmed by a vaccination. Different people respond differently and I personally think that it is especially criminal for pregnant women to be such a target for vaccination.

The Council of Europe is currently conducting an investigation into ”The handling of the H1N1 pandemic: more transparency needed”. Their second hearing is on March 29th. More can be found here. Methinks it is time for the death penalty for corporations!



Watering the Garden

Published in Far West Almanac, September 2009. I keep wondering when I will wake up and find that I have somehow gotten stuck in a chapter from Robert A. Heinlein's book Job: A Comedy of Justice. In a parallel universe this must be a big joke. It seems that Los Angeles in particular is at the forefront in showing the…