Micro-Organisms and Dreaming

I have come to connect gut micro-organisms with dreams. Not just gut mirco-organisms, but fungus and bacteria in general, especially after I spent three days delirious, vomiting and feverish right before I found those black, slimy toxic mushrooms growing out of our carpet in New Zealand. I was having the craziest visions! For anyone who has read The Mushroom and The Cross the connection here is not as obscure as you might think. There is an interesting connection between certain types of micro-organisms and the effect they can have on our nervous systems that is very ancient and many people believe is where religion came from. In our modern world, where we think we need to sterilize everything, we kill our vital connections to these amazing micro-organisms that can connect us to the macrocosm in ways we can barely imagine. People used to know how to work with micro-organisms to create all kinds of creative and open states where they could be connected on a different level.