GAPS / SCD Diet, Cancer and Fungus

A big thanks to everyone for their kind words of support over the past week or so since we found out that my mother has cancer in her pancreas. 🙁 Sorry I haven’t been communicating this last week, we got the news and then had to get our taxes done, which was a bit pain in the neck. We are also taking a trip to LA this month, so I am trying to get my garden and everything else in place before we go. I have been thinking about cancer as a result so these ramblings are what have been fermenting in my mind of late.

When food, the body, the heart, and the mind become perfectly united with nature, a natural diet becomes possible. The body as it is, following its own instinct, eating if something tastes good, abstaining if it does not, is free. -Masanobu Fukuoka

Yesterday, at the laundromat, I managed to read a few more of Masanobu Fukuoka’s essays in what has been dubbed ‘the little green book,’ The One-Straw Revolution. I got into the section on what he calls ‘natural diet.’ He lays out in a clear and beautiful way a description of the importance of the relationship of nature and mankind and how this relationship is developed through eating and farming/foraging. I got so excited by it that I have pulled out my favorite excerpts here. I feel that this SCD/ GAPS diet we are on is helping me to regain the sensitivity of a natural person who is in tune with their instincts, that Masanobu Fukuoka speaks of. Please take a minute to read the sections I pulled out, very profound, it shows the importance of food for creating a natural and peaceful culture for our world.