Sheep Tongue with Chorizo

The real offal experiment continues… with a sheep tongue.

My attempt with the brain was fascinating but not incredibly tasty.  Will the tongue taste better? If looks are any indication then the answer is a resounding no! Good god a tongue is an ugly piece of meat. None of the silkiness of a prime cut. No. It’s all ugly. It’s also a process.

To start a tongue needs to be brined – this is a familiar first step with organ meat. I used a combination of sugar, salt and spices. At that point, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my tongue or I would have put a mexican spin on my spice mixture. Instead I threw in a couple bay leaves, some black peppercorns, and some coriander. To keep the tongue submerged I put a pretty blue cup on it. And there is sat stewing for a few days.