Cherry Glazed Pork Loin, Asparagus and Cilantro Kraut from Trout Lake Farmers Market

Another fantastic farmers market at Trout Lake this weekend we were lucky the rain held off until Sunday. I was in a bit of a hurry this week as I was doing biodynamic craniosacral therapy taster sessions at our local community garden, but I managed to fill my bilum (beautiful, highly expandable handcrafted market bag from Papua New Guinea) to bursting with all kinds of goodies to get me through the week.

When we first arrived in Vancouver in 2008 the farmers markets were quite a different story–we couldn’t afford anything–even the eggs were excessively expensive at that time–it made me very sad. Now I find that the best place to buy eggs is at the farmers market, not only are they cheaper than the so called ‘free range’ eggs sold at supermarkets, but you can meet the people who are taking care of the chickens as well. I also really like that the market has expanded the grass-fed and free-range local meat and many of the vendors are very affordable.