How Do You Take Your Probiotics?

Neosugars, Raw, Supernatants, Centrifuging, Ultrafiltration, Processed, Homemade…

I have been reading the book Probiotics: Nature’s Internal Healers by Natasha Trenev, she has some good pointers about things to watch out for when buying probiotics. Although I generally prefer to avoid technological processing of foods. I do confess, at the moment I am on Bio-Kult which is the probiotic developed by Natasha Campbell McBride for folks on the GAPS diet. I put off taking it for a quite a while as it is expensive, but I have found it to be really worth it. If you are starting the GAPS diet I think it is good to wait a couple months to let your body adjust at it’s own rate before adding in a probiotic. It just isn’t a good idea to overload the body’s detoxing organs, especially your kidneys and liver, if they are also not healthy.