Is the Skin a Solar-Powered Battery for the Heart?

The last Wise Traditions Journal from the Weston A Price foundation contained cutting edge information on sulfur which is a nutrient we never hear much about and which has been getting more attention lately. I was telling some people about how sulfur interacts with the skin to create a solar powered battery for the heart and how important getting sunlight is for our bodies. I haven’t been getting that much sunlight myself lately what with all the rain Vancouver has been getting this year so I am dreaming of a trip to the tropics (which is gonna remain a dream in the forseeable future). I also promised them I’d post about it and then I promptly got caught up in all the millions of things going on in our very exciting world and forgot all about it. Anyway I am finally reposting! I’m just gonna post the section about how vitamin D3 sulfate converts the sun’s energy into chemical energy contained in the sulfur-oxygen bond and where you can get dietary sulfur from, but I highly recommend you read this article about Sulfur Deficiency. It is quite detailed and complicated, but if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find short pieces on Sulfur deficiency and Alzheimers as well as how sulfur can protect you from radiation. Exciting stuff — our bodies are so incredible and we just keep finding out more about the intricacies of them.