City Street Garden – Reclaimed with Seed Bombs

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This is a project I have been working on for a couple years now. After few failed guerrilla garden attempts at various places around the city I found a good spot for a garden. The first year I put in a couple beds, the second year I put in three more and used them as experimental plots to test out a few combinations of seeds in seed ball form to find out which was a good mix for depleted urban soil that is rocky, packed and sterile.

Pies Will Save the World

Pies Will Save the World

As you can tell from the poll on our homepage (please take a second to vote if you haven't already :-) , I am a bit of a fan of street vendors, illegal or otherwise since legal and illegal can vary quite a bit depending on what country you are in. I would love to sell some food in the park, so I lis ...

Burmese Fried Prawn and Bean Sprouts Salad

Burmese Fried Prawn and Bean Sprouts Salad

You can get this salad at Bo Kyoke Market in Yangon, Myanmar. Crispy and delicious! Naomi Aung gives us the details and a translation of the recipe from this website. Pazon Khwat Gyaw Thoke is a crispy nest of bean sprouts with shrimps on top. Make the salad with noodles and a sweet & sour & ...

Burmese Mont Lin Ma Yar

Burmese Mont Lin Ma Yar

I recently had a wonderful interaction with a Burmese food lover over a photo I had posted on facebook of the famous Burmese Mont Lin Ma Yar. These delicious street corner snacks are a real treat, I wish I could get them on the corner downtown Vancouver, BC! She kindly translated the recipe for me f ...