Pan-Seared Rough Eye with Coconut Water and Rooibos Buerre Rouge

Rough Eye Fillet

We just love Trout Lake Farmer’s Market, Vancouver BC. Our recipe from today’s haul features many local food businesses. The rough eye fillet is from, the lychees are from our local Chinese farm stand (we just love lychee season!), the butter in the buerre rouge is from a local artisan dairy out in Chillawack — Farm House Cheeses and is incredibly yellow — out at the farm, behind their shop (see image below) their cows enjoy large fields of grass under the mountains. Strawberries in the salad are of course local as well. My own balcony-grown arugala is also featured 🙂 (By the way this dish is absolutely divine and remarkably quick and easy to make.)

Balcony Garden 2011

Balcony Garden 2011

First stages of my balcony garden this year. The garden is doing amazingly well. I have to get more photos tomorrow. I have arugala, carrots, passionfruit, morning-glory, raspberry, lemon grass, goose-berries, strawberries (they didn't do so well this year though) and some random other things, some ...