Codex Alimentarius: Homegrow or Harmonize

The Great Harmonization

This article was originally published in Far West Almanac July 2008.

Monarch on Golden Rod

Crazier and wilder information continues to come to light charting the depths that greed and power can take. We hear about HAARP: the weather-control project in Alaska, about the Farm Bill 2008 which was finally passed after being vetoed by our ‘President’ yet still doesn’t do what it should to support local small scale food networks, of the Codex Alimentarius which threatens our local food security by claiming to protect our health through centralized factory farms, while there are widespread salmonella outbreaks from tomatoes. Tomatoes!

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The more we find out about the various methods multi-national corporations (and the individuals behind them) have used to gain control over our food and health, the more depressed and confused we can become. Who to believe? Is it more naive to believe what the conspiracy theorists and the corporations are saying or to disbelieve both? Is there really a coordinated effort to poison and dull our brains or is this all somehow just a big accident? And always, the supremely depressing thought — what is the point of worrying about it all if ‘they’ already have such deep, far reaching tentacles which obviously extend to every aspect of society? What can we do anyway? Maybe we should just make the best of what we have and thank our lucky stars….