Yearning for our Other Half

I am more than fortunate to have found my soul-mate–I very nearly messed the whole thing up by marrying another man (on my soul-mate’s birthday to boot). Thanks to getting in touch with my body (craniosacral therapy helped with this) I managed to admit and unravel my mistake and get together with the guy I should have been with all along…. Anyway I’m not trying to get into all that right now. This legend from Plato’s Symposium about the creatures that were split because the gods were afraid of their power when they are whole makes a lot of sense. I do indeed believe finding our soul-mate is our prime directive, but the process is all important as well–determining the kind of relationship you have.

It is vital to have someone who is the other side of you, watching your back and helping to find the path through this crazy mess of a world we inherited. The following is some of my favorite bits from the Symposium, about the crazy two headed beings Zeus was so scared of: