LRRS 102 – Snow Snake Attack

Little Red Rubbing Scarf returns to face a new threat to mankind–a diabolical plumbing snake transformed by US Army experiments crashes a satellite in the mountains and plots world domination.

I showed this video to my nephew when he was about 4. I didn’t think it would scare him as he was sitting in my lap. But he was very confused in the end and kept thinking I had been gotten by a snake. I kept pointing out to him that I was standing right there in front of him as happy and healthy as could be.

Anyway, just a warning, I guess the GMO monsters in this series are incredibly scary.

Little Red Rubbing Scarf Vs The Park Deranger

Little Red Rubbing Scarf Vs The Park Deranger

A slapstick comedy short about a girl who is on her way to visit her grandmother when she is confronted by a strange forest-dweller.... Soundtrack by Mujaji ...