Vancouver’s Latest Missing and Murdered Women Farce

Recently I have wasted a shocking amount of time listening to lawyers babbling their legalese at judges. Last Friday I was at the New Westminister courthouse to support our freedom to choose what we eat in BC. I sure don’t understand why BC has such a bee under it’s bonnet about raw milk when we can still buy raw eggs, raw meat and raw spinach. If England can manage to ensure the raw milk the Queen drinks isn’t contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, I am sure BC could easily bring their technology up to date. But British Columbia seems determined to hold on to it’s primitive mentality in many ways.

When I learned our lawyer was also representing sex workers in the Missing and Murdered Women’s inquiry I decided it was time for me to check it out. Since 15 Aboriginal communities are boycotting the Inquiry as a blatant and disgusting farce, I hadn’t seen any reason to attend. I should have stuck with my original decision. This is what I experienced: