Selected Book List

I have finally put together a list of some of my favorite reads of late. I am sure there could be a ton more books added to this list, and I will most likely make another one some day. These books have helped me to shift the way I view the world and the potential of mankind. We are very intimately intertwined with the fate of the Earth and we need to respect this connection on a daily basis. I am still struggling to reach that level of awareness myself and have come to realise that simply reading books is not going to accomplish this shift. We need to be able to read nature, understand our own experiences and interpret them for ourselves. The only way to really do that is to develop our own rituals. Activities such as walking in nature, meditation, qigong, yoga, dance, cooking and gardening are some of the best ways to cultivate this awareness. Since we are all trained and indoctrinated into this mechanical relationship to our world, reading can often-times motivate us and give us some direction as to where or how to put our attention into these other areas of our lives.