Defend your Food Freedom

Stop FDA Tyranny Against Dairy Farms. Lately the FDA has really stepped up its mission to close down small dairies. This is the final big push of the big industry–they are preparing for the S-510 bill to give them even more power.

Our dairy here in BC is currently under fire from Fraser Health. I often wonder what would happen to the wonderful family that runs our dairy and our cows if they decide to shut us down. I can’t imagine what difficulties that would place on the family. Sometimes I am amazed at the risk this family of farmers is taking for us. Morningland Dairy and Estrella Family Creamery in the USA are facing these issues RIGHT NOW.



Food Security – Canada

Libby DaviesFOOD FIGHT was the message we got in our mailboxes as an invitation from Libby Davies and NDP Agriculture Critic, MP Alex Atamanenko to attend the Food Security Forum on July 9th, 2009 at St. Patrick Parish Hall, 2881 Main Street, Vancouver BC.

I was very glad to go and hear about this issue, I recently got residency so I can finally let my roots down into this rich Canadian soil, and get involved in my new community.

Alex Atamanenko is on a Food Security Tour to hear concerns and to look into the gaps in Canada’s food systems, he will put together a proposal for a long-term food security strategy to deal with climate change, global energy insecurity and the world economic crisis. The sooner we see more systems for this being put into place the better we will all be and the more hope our children have. If you have anything you would like to add to this report please go to his website and submit your comments.



Vancouver Community Gardens I

Vancouver City Council passed a motion in 2006 to encourage 2,010 new gardens by 2010. Now there are more than 40 community or resident-shared gardens with more than 1,700 garden plots and more on the way. There is a great brochure that the City of Vancouver has put out with a good map that shows great walking and bicycle tours…


Preparing for War with the Bankocracy

Published in Far West Almanac July, 2009. Follow-up to the article: For Generation X Eyes Only.

Any political, economic, theological, or philosophical system that in practice rewards production over life is illegitimate because, tautologically enough, it does not value the lives of its citizens over the needs of production. Such is sufficient to define illegitimacy. No other measure is needed.

Derrick JensonA Language Older Than Words -p368-369


By now it will have sunk in good and deep that my previous proposal to stage a debt repayment strike for just one month in September (09/09) [see article Gen X mentioned above] is impractical unless enough people get involved so that we cannot be ignored. Otherwise simply not paying a debt for a month will result in late charges, bouncing checks and other never-before-heard-of fees. For the first people throwing off this yoke of debt and refusing to be suckered by the Currency Controlling Witch-Doctors of the Apocalyptic Future its gonna have to be all or nothing.

Anyone considering such a step needs to think long and hard about their options. This is not the easy way out of your debt. It is a much harder road to take and will demand much personal sacrifice. For those who owe J.P. Morgan Chase, for example, feel no guilt for refusing to pay this debt. Realize it may be necessary to stop paying the debt permanently, and that this will most likely result in garnished wages and a bad credit history.

When considering such a drastic step, be aware that there are many ways to deal with this issue. Many people are having success by negotiating lower payments for bills and debts. Such alternatives are better options for people with kids or health conditions. For those of us who understand that we are at war with these bankers and don’t want to give them another cent, it is time to consider more direct action.



Backyard Edibles 2009 I

This year got started late with a huge snowstorm and a very cold winter. The roses seem to have done well though, and the amazing backyard gardens of Vancouver BC are going full swing. I am constantly impressed by how many plants there are in some of these spaces. It is also interesting to see that different plants are being…