Wellington Walks

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KingstonOne of the things about being broke all the time is that the best way to get places is to walk. Which is actually very good for you — mind and body-wise, and fortunately, we love it. While living in Wellington, unfortunately our laundromat was at the bottom of a huge hill so every two weeks on my one day off a week we dragged our backpacks stuffed with dirty clothes down the mountain and hauled our freshly folded clean laundry back up a steep hill. It sure felt great when we got to the top and flopped down looking out over the hilltops of Wellington.

Wellington really feels like the end of the world in many ways, being at the tip of the North Island of New Zealand. With the wind and waves of all of the mighty Pacific Ocean rushing through the narrow Cook Straight, it gets the most changeable weather and wild winds of any place I have ever lived. I loved walking around the coves and rock pools that made up the wild coast-line, each cove had quite different characteristics than the next.


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