Cuisine covers a wide area. In the Caucasian mountains reside the famous centenarians. Very healthy people living on cultured dairy and whole grains.

Semolina Pudding

This recipe was found in an old out of print community recipe collection. Very delicious and creamy, it is a variation on creme brulee and was served at the Hotel St. Regis in New York by Chef Paul Moreau. Serves 4-6 4 c milk 1 t vanilla extract ½ c semolina 3 egg yolks ½ c sugar ¼ c raisins…


Fruit Soup

3 c dried prunes 1 c pearl barley 1 c raisins 2 sticks cinnamon brown sugar cornstarch or arrowroot 1 t cut lemon peel 1 ½ T lemon juice Method: Cover prunes with cold water and let stand overnight. Wash pearl barley, cover with cold water and stand overnight. Add raisins to prunes and add more cold water if necessary.…

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Sorrel Soup

Green Shchi a summer soup in Russia, packed full of vitamins and nutrients. 1 pound sorrel 1 ½ T butter 1 pound spinach 6 c stock 1 T flour ½ c sour cream salt and pepper Method: Pick over and wash sorrel, shake off water; chop fine. Saute in ½ T butter. Mash through colander. Wash spinach thoroughly. Cook in…


Sour Cream Sauce

Smetana Sauce (sour cream) ½ c sour cream (smetana) 2 T butter 1 T flour ½ c beef or veg stock salt Method: Make a roux of the butter, flour and salt. Add the stock gradually. Add the sour cream and mix well. Cook for about 5-10 minutes. Sauce may be served with meats, vegetables or fish.



8 oz cream cheese 2 eggs sour cream 1c flour butter 1 t salt Method: Mix cream cheese with a tablespoon of butter. Add flour, beaten eggs and ½ t of salt. Combine all ingredients until smooth and put mixture on a floured board. Form into a flat strip about an inch thick. Cut into narrow slices and drop into…