Protect Our Local Raw Dairy Farmers (& Cows!)

I’m compiling this post this from various emails we’ve received today. The images are by Heather Passmore and are posted so you can use them however you think best–print them out to hand out at #occupyvancouver or post them as your profile photo on facebook, use them on your blog, email them to friends…. There are a lot of things we can do to put the pressure on government officials and support Michael Schmidt in his hunger strike. I have been on ten day fasts before, but that is the longest I have gone without food and by the tenth day I was pretty sketchy. I can’t imagine what it is like to be going without food indefinitely as he is. In a recent update from him he says:

My mind, most of the time very clear and focused wanders off into space wondering where this will end.

The banner for Responsible Food Freedom cannot be carried by a few farmers for the sake of those in need of food.

The banner for the health of you and our children cannot be carried by a few.

The banner for a future nourishing Agri-Culture cannot be carried anymore only by farmers.

My very personal decision to take this drastic step is for the protection of my farming friends who are now after the latest ruling very vulnerable to imminent attacks by Government agencies.

And all these farmers do is, to provide real food to those who want and seek the food.

Nobody is forced to eat that food. Nobody is hurt by this food.

Dear Friends this is not an act of desperation.

This is a conscious act of awakening the complacent nature of all of us, to rise up and protect our farmers, our food, our health.

Nobody can do this for you.
This is not my battle.
-Michael Schmidt

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Selling the Land in BC

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