Richmond City Council Debate on Banning GMO


A committee of City Council will be debating the call for a GMO ban in Richmond on Tuesday at 4pm.

Unfortunately, staff have recommended labelling (which will not happen under the current gov’t) over a ban. I’m disappointed, but not surprised, by the report.

I’m asking everyone who is available to come out, please do so and have your voice heard. You can speak for up to 5 minutes on the topic, as soon as staff have presented their report.

Council puts a lot of weight on what farmers say and, unfortunately, our Agricultural Advisory Committee did not want a ban since 3 farmers are growing GMO corn in Richmond. It would really be great for them to hear from other farmers that don’t want GMOs in the area.

I’m copying the link to the report below. The agenda is the first page and the staff report is way at the end. Lots of poorly worded comments in the staff report as well.

Please let friends and family know that they need to speak. The bigger the crowd, the harder it is for Council to say no.

If you can’t make it in person, we would REALLY appreciate your e-mails to

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