How (and Why) To Make Yourself an Orgonite

A couple months ago when I was researching the dangers of EMFs I came across this strange thing called an orgonite. At first I thought it was totally wacky and out there. Since that time I have kept coming across and there does seem to be something to it. Not only that but when I learned they were originally developed by Wilhelm Reich everything started to make more sense. As we all know, Wilhelm Reich was persecuted, jailed and finally killed by the grand ole “freedom lovin'” US of A (he died in jail). The US also burned his books and did their very best to wipe his discoveries and inventions from the face of the earth. This type of rabid persecution is a good indicator that the work he was doing was solid. In fact, there must have been something very important in his work to have inspired that much determined force to shut him up. Perhaps these orgonites have something to do with that. I haven’t tried making one of these yet myself, so I can’t tell you from my own experience how this works, but I am planning to make some very soon as I have heard that they are effective against radiation.