Herbal Supplement Regulation

The latest on the regulations on herbal supplements and how you can help from Alliance for Natural Health. A New NDI Bill: It’s a Step in the Right Direction, but There’s Still a Long Way to Go

FDA’s disastrous supplement guidance, which threatens thousands of supplements, would be greatly improved by a new bill in the House. But it isn’t enough.

Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN), a champion of health freedom who has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to stand up for consumer choice about supplements, has introduced new legislation that would change the definition of New Dietary Ingredients (NDIs—that is, according to the FDA, new supplements).

You Need to Know About Codex Alimentarius

You Need to Know About Codex Alimentarius

In order to understand what is going on with all the recent crack downs on cowshares, private food clubs and restrictions on herbal remedies it is important to know about the set of food regulations called Codex Alimentarius which are now in play in both the EU and North America. Gaia-Health is a we ...