Holy Creamline Baby!

One of the reasons Industrial Dairy's don't want us to have access to real, unprocessed milk direct from the farm-gate. All the cream they are skimming off for themselves will be exposed.


Defend your Food Freedom

Stop FDA Tyranny Against Dairy Farms. Lately the FDA has really stepped up its mission to close down small dairies. This is the final big push of the big industry–they are preparing for the S-510 bill to give them even more power.

Our dairy here in BC is currently under fire from Fraser Health. I often wonder what would happen to the wonderful family that runs our dairy and our cows if they decide to shut us down. I can’t imagine what difficulties that would place on the family. Sometimes I am amazed at the risk this family of farmers is taking for us. Morningland Dairy and Estrella Family Creamery in the USA are facing these issues RIGHT NOW.



BC Crushes Local Food Community

The past few days have been very disturbing, with a judge who is obviously in the pocket of the Milk Industry, refusing to even enter into a discourse about the situation of our local Community Supported Dairy. At the end of the trial he ordered our local Agister, Alice to stop milking our cows (poor cows) and she has been forced to resign as our Agister.

From Chilliwack Times:

Ontario dairy farmer Michel Schmidt has taken over Chilliwack’s Home on the Range raw milk dairy so the flow of milk can continue to hundreds of members of the co-operative.

Fraser Health has been trying to shut down Home on the Range for more than two years and on Tuesday succeeded in forcing the cowshare operator Alice Jongerden to officially resign as part of a court-ordered condition.

In a press release issued by Jongerden Friday morning, Schmidt says “We have reached the level of a new and powerful dictatorship called bureaucracy in the name of food safety, and in the favour of multinational corporations.”

The point that Michael Schmidt makes here is key. This isn’t really about health or food safety (Maple Leaf foods would have been shut down for causing 20 deaths if that was the case). It is about the monopoly that the milk industry wishes to maintain – as usual it is about greed.



Defend Co-operative Dairying in BC

Tomorrow, Tuesday September 14th, 2010 there will be a hearing at the Court building in New Westminster against our local cowshare Home on the Range, please join us if you can. The address is 651 Carnarvon Street, between 6th and 8th Street, adjacent to Douglas College. Parking is hard to find in that neighbourhood in the morning. The Court building is about half a mile from each of the Columbia or New Westminster SkyTrain stations – a 15 minute walk.

The following is from Alice Jongerden our agister:

The biggest and most important thing we need is to have as many people at the courthouse as possible. So come…bring your friends, email your contacts, put it on facebook…tell everyone to be there at 8:55 AM. Court starts at 10am.



Raw Milk on Trial Again – Vancouver BC

After getting typhoid in Burma/Myanmar in 2006 we lived in the Catskills in New York where we were able to get raw goats milk right from the farm. My digestive system had been so damaged by the typhoid and a wicked New Zealand mold and I really needed the fresh raw milk to help to heal.

Any time I have to eat food from industrial dairies and factory farms, my digestive health gets worse resultin in me getting severe migraines with cyclical vomiting every ten days or so.

The following is an article is reposted from the website The Bovine.


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