Mens Sana In Corpore Sano

A Healthy Mind in A Healthy Body

Quotes in this post are from Nutrition: A Holistic Approach by Rudolf Hauschka.


“We have made use of our thoughts to develop techniques which aim to build a civilization based on comfort. Those who notice how narrow and egotistical this self-serving use of thought is may also find, as they observe themselves, that their thinking has become shadowy and abstract; it can no longer lay hold on the reality of the cosmos. Such individuals may begin to wonder what would happen if they served thinking instead of making it serve them. What would be the result of making oneself a perceptive organ for the power of thought, of concentrating one’s whole being in the act of listening? One who practices this art will find himself able, with this selfless new thinking, to enter the realm of living metamorphosis, where thoughts grow and become expressions of the creative thinking of the cosmos. He comes into touch with objective reality, with essential being.” p 45


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Road Tripping Aotearoa

North Island Road Trips

45 wiggly km

I took a biodynamic agriculture certificate course while living in Wellington, New Zealand. The course involved spending a week every few months on a biodynamic farm in Havelock North, New Zealand. As a result we were able to spend a bit of time road tripping across the North Island. Unfortunately we lost a lot of the photos we took when we had to get rid of our car, but we had a great time with friends in Tauranga and Napier.

I particularly love the Cabbage Trees of Aotearoa, they always make me feel like I am living in a Doctor Seuss book. New Zealand flax, and the massive ponga (ferns) are another of my favorite vegetation. It is always fun to see the sheep that New Zealand is famous for.

We had some amazing slow trips along bumpy dirt roads. It always seemed that every time we entered one of these mystical undeveloped sections of the road we would start seeing rainbows and double rainbows.


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