Visions Towards a Healed World

I don’t like to claim any particular ideology, and I especially prefer to avoid getting involved with US political nonsense since all it really is is smoke and mirrors to keep us all worked up and side-tracked from what is really going on. I do believe we can take care of ourselves through cooperation and don’t need a whole lot of people and institutions and whatnot to keep everything in place and tell us what to do. I also think that we have not really understood how to use our new tools (internet, open-source, yes even twitter etc) to help with creating a new way of interacting with each other and our world.

I am not a violent person–I can’t even hurt a rapist–and I don’t think we will all need guns to protect our property (because we are rethinking the idea of personal property). After seeing the slaughter of the barefoot monks in Burma a few years ago, I do agree with Derrick Jensen that we can’t just expect greedy corporations and individuals to willingly let go of what they think of as theirs. We will have to take them down with force.