Myanmar Farmer Markets Slideshow

"The Burmese have been forced to maintain their traditional methods of farming and subsistence living, which may in the long run be a blessing in disguise for them and the rest of the world." More... Click here to see images from various markets in Yangon (Rangoon).


Yangon Markets Slideshow

My favorite market in Yangon is the Indian Spice market which is on 26th St and Anawratha, and there I love to buy thick honey-rich sandalwood oil, turmeric, fragrant sandalwood beads, freshly ground whole wheat flour and blocks of beeswax. An old friend hangs around his buddies spice stall, and always is excited to see me. (pictured) More information here.…

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Winter Farmer’s Market

The Winter Farmer Market of Vancouver BC comes together fortnightly at WISE Hall 1882 Adanac Street at Victoria Drive. My favorite item at this time of the year are the potatoes. Music is always good and entertaining and it is fantastic to have such a fabulous view of the skyline of Vancouver's downtown in the distance. This particular market was…