Pottenger’s Cats

I have been mentioning Pottenger’s Cats quite frequently of late, as our cat Mishka is also from Pasadena originally and she just loves raw milk and cream. This hasn’t always been the case. About a year ago I noticed a bald patch which was growing over her liver, we were too broke to take her to the vet, so I switched her to raw meat. My first attempt was very sad, as I foolishly gave her raw pork without freezing it first to kill off any parasites and she soon got tapeworm, so we had to de-worm her.

I then decided since cats wouldn’t eat pork in a wild type situation, to switch to chicken, and she loved that, I then moved her to raw chicken livers. A note here is that she hated switching to raw food at first and really hated me for a couple days. In fact, the first raw food I ever tried to feed her was wild trout and she turned her nose up! These days she loves it when I give her some raw wild salmon scraps. Once she got used to raw meat, she gets really pissed off at me when she doesn’t get her liver or raw milk. She has even stopped really eating her dry cat food, which she used to really love.