Candida, Calcium and your Ileocecal Valve

The ileocecal valve is often ignored in discussions of gut health and probiotics. The NorthShore Naturopathic Clinic recently had a good in depth article by Dr. Matsen on the ileocecal valve in their monthly newsletter. I have been struggling with pathological yeasts in my gut after living in an apartment infested with mold in New Zealand in 2005. I have been on the GAPS diet for over two years–my health has improved but I recently discovered we live in an area very high in esmog (wireless technology) which is undermining progress I make with diet. My condition initially improved with the GAPS diet but has levelled off, so it is interesting to learn the ileocecal valve is damaged by lack of calcium. Low frequency electromagnetic fields cause calcium drift, inhibit probiotic growth and melatonin among other things. I have noticed my own ileocecal valve showing up when receiving biodynamic craniosacral therapy sessions and I have been noticing it in my clients who have digestive issues. The ileocecal valve is right next to the appendix which is an important part of our lymphatic system. If the appendix is removed this can cause issues with the ileocecal valve. It is interesting to also discover that the appendix synthesizes and secretes melatonin, similarly to the pineal as I have recently been getting the impression that the appendix is the pineal of the intestinal “gut brain.