World Food Thursdays 5

We want to see food from every corner of the world together, side by side being delicious all in one common community. We revel in our diversity and respect everyone's unique techniques, ways of eating and traditional rituals around cooking and eating.


Pies Will Save the World

As you can tell from the poll on our homepage (please take a second to vote if you haven’t already :-) , I am a bit of a fan of street vendors, illegal or otherwise since legal and illegal can vary quite a bit depending on what country you are in. I would love to sell some food in the park, so I listen and my eyes glimmer with bright green envy when I hear people tell their tales. I have made a deal with a vibrant lass from New Zealand here in Vancouver to start up a underground restaurant, so we will keep you all posted on that, but in the meantime I would like to share this experience a friend had in Portland with her curbside cuisine



Seattle – Portland Amtrak

This is such a beautiful train ride. All up and down the West Coast is gorgeous and we all know, the train is the way to go. They have fantastic windows in the train. We go through Tacoma and past Boeing, it is a really interesting ride--a pretty good glimpse into the All American Hometown style.


Food Justice For All

Published in Far West Almanac, 2009. A Food Justice Forum in Vancouver, BC was geared to generate a variety of solutions to the issues of getting nourishing food to the lowest income groups in the downtown area, while still paying the farmers a living wage. This is an issue that cities around the world have been working to overcome. Belo…

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