Robin Hood in Queen Elizabeth Park

We never seem to have much time for entertainment these days, but since coming to Vancouver, BC we have become fans of a local troupe of radical actors. The last play we saw was Death of a Clown by Sebastien Archibald. This was actually our first time at Queen Elizabeth park which was a treat in and of itself. We climbed through the park to the top of the large hill, through lovely gardens and past a Cambodian picnic with traditional music and dancing to boot. The view over Vancouver is fantastic, what a perfect spot for this modern version of Robin Hood, also written by Sebastien Archibald.



Death of a Clown

It’s hard to climb the corporate ladder in size 22 shoes.

Despite not being able to drink because we just started the GAPS diet two months ago, we had a very special and wonderful St. Patrick’s Day this year. We spent the evening busting our sides at a play by Sebastien Archibald called The Death of a Clown. I found it especially pertinent at this time with the Olympics over and Vancouver settling down to think about the debt we now have to pay for our two weeks of extravagance.

Humour is always a good way to get your point through and I spent the whole evening laughing (except at the end). I thought everyone did an excellent job and was just wondering why there wasn’t a bunch of folks taking photos and recording the whole production–I wish I had gotten some good photos! We were fortunate to see it, because the play was only in Vancouver for one night before it goes on tour to Gabriola, Tofino, Saltspring and Victoria by April 4th, 2010. The full schedule and details can be found on the ITSAZOO Productions website.


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