Foodie’s Follow Friday 4 – Food Sovereignty

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Focus on Food Sovereignty

Well here in the Northern Hemisphere it’s that time of year people start gathering and sharing their seeds. I hear there are plenty of Seedy Saturdays happening all over North America and the UK, so if you have seeds to share do a google search for one in your area. Often you can get some exotic and rare seeds this way. Last year I shared some of my pau d’arco seeds! I am finally feeling a bit more organized and have just been reading a very informative newsletter put out by Nyeleni on the topic of food sovereignty which they publish copyright free in order to get the information to as wide a base as possible. I recommend reading them yourself as there is too much information for me to post here. I have pulled out some things from the latest newsletter on seed saving as well as the last newsletter on factory farms.

My First Mumu

My First Mumu

Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed working with food. I believe this has to do with the amount of involvement I had with fresh local food, growing up in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. The Mount Hagen market was filled with fantastic fruits and vegetables and the gardens around our home we ...