Pennywort Salad (Min Kwa Yuet)

Another of the famous Burmese lethok literally “mixed by hand” salads.

This one was first brought to my attention by my little sister who was a mad fan of eating Naw Rosie’s Min Kwa Yuet Salad on her home-made brown bread while she was going to high school in Myanmar.

It is definitely addicting and delicious beyond description. Unfortunately it uses an herb that isn’t easy to find. Pennywort is actually a name given to several different plants. I think the one being used in Myanmar is Gota Kalu (Centella asiatica) but I will have to get this confirmed. The herb is considered to be very good for the kidneys in Burma and is also made into a drink, which clears the skin.

Pennywort (Min Kua Yuet)

I have finally started going through my photos and discovered this great photo of the herb that I took in the market of the ancient city-state of Mrauk-U. I had completely forgotten that I had it.

Here is the recipe as I know it. I advise you to adjust the ingredients to find your own preference. I cannot say if there is a good herb around here to substitute for this, but it is bitter so young dandelion greens would probably be good. They are also good for the kidneys, so maybe that is spot on. Let me know if you try it.

Burmese Pennywort Salad

Wash leaves briefly in cold water. Chop.
Mix in oil, lime, fish sauce, peanuts, dried shrimp and chilis.
Mix well with clean fingers.
Taste and adjust flavors.

I have not given measurements since it is best to taste it and adjust it according to your own preferences. Start with small amounts and add more.