Wild Morels & Nettles Linguini

We had a most delicious dinner after my Saturday trip to Trout Lake Farmer’s market last weekend. One of my favorite vendors, although I don’t know the name, had huge freshly harvested wild morels. Of course I bought some. After reading the book Chantrelle Dreams, Amanita Nightmares earlier this year I have been eager to get foraging myself. I checked out the section in the book with morel recipes, which were recommended to eat with cream and butter. Our recent trip to Vancouver Island gave me a chance to forage some nearly flowering nettles, which is a delicious addition to this dish.

As we are on the GAPS diet we haven’t been eating pasta, so I peeled strips of carrot and sauteed them quickly until al dente to use as the noodles. This makes a lovely, bright orange color contrast to the creamy sauce and makes a simple, grain-free noodle.