Favorite US Seed Savers

Horizon Herbs is easily my favorite seed company. But that’s simply because I love reading the seed catalog that they send out. It is jam packed with useful herbal information as well as some interesting anecdotes of adventures to find seeds. They have an incredibly extensive range of hard to find, never-heard-of-before, plants and every year they have more. As I mentioned in my article on the vernal equinox, I also have special feelings towards this company because they recently, unwittingly helped to establish proof of my whereabouts for Canadian immigration. Their catalogs are my bedtime reading.

I was very excited to find pau d’arco and gotu kola in the catalog. I have used pau d’arco for years to support my immune system and now I have three lovely shrubs growing in my living room! Can’t wait ’till they are old enough for me to harvest my own pau d’arco!