Japanese Women Stage Die-In To Protest Nuclear Power

I just had to repost this video as it broke my heart to hear these women from Fukushima speak from their hearts about the desperate situation they are in and the frustration they feel with the way their Prime Minister is ignoring the situation and going ahead and reopening the Ooi Nuclear plant. It is very sad to hear that the day after they staged this protest the Prime Minister announced that the plant would be reopened. The nuclear industry has its claws deep in the politicians of most nations. The fact of the matter is that individuals do not use as much power as industry does. The Fukushima plant was there to supply the auto manufacturing industry etc not the people. Also there is no need to make throw-away cars and other utilities as is being done these days. Quality products can be made to last which would result in less constant need for manufacturing redundant products. As we are seeing growth will be the death of us just like it was the death of the people of Easter Island.