People for Food Rights Join #OccupyCanada

Please see the Action Plan for October 2011 posted on the new website www.realfoodchoice.org The website is currently under construction but will provide a place to access the latest information and how you can get involved on the situation in BC to protect your freedom to choose what goes in your mouth.

A call has also been put out for cow-share members to join the #OccupyVancouver movement on Saturday ) Oct 15th 2011, Vancouver Art Gallery at 10:00. Cow-share members across Canada are urged to join the #occupy movements in their cities. This movement may be our only hope. As you know Michael Schmidt has been doing his best to work with the Health authorities in Canada for a very long time now. We have no more patience, Michael Schmidt and 8 others are currently on a hunger strike and Michael is no longer even taking a glass of milk a day. Our time frame is very limited if we are to keep our Agister. The politicians and courts are in the pockets of big industry even if they don’t want to be and we can no longer expect them to stand up for our rights.

The message we need to get across is that Big Dairy Corporations and Government are working together to take away our very basic right to put what we choose into our bodies.

I have posted a few images that you can use to pass around at the demonstrations to help get our message out to the masses. I will try to do a couple of fliers before the 15th that you can print out and pass around. Feel free to make your own and share them with us as well. We need to get our message out there as fast as possible. I have also made this simple promotional video that states very basic language the insane pressure that is being put on cow-shares in Canada. Please distribute it to everyone you know so they can see that we are also the 99%.