Most of these tiny packages of nourishing goodness are easier to digest when they have been soaked overnight and roasted or dried at a low temperature.

Processing Nuts

In order to make nuts more easily digested, and to be more sure of the quality of your nut, Sally Fallon Morell, among others, recommends that nuts are soaked and lightly roasted or dehydrated before eating. Although it takes time, it is a very simple process that in reality only takes a few minutes over a couple days. It is best to start with a raw, organic nut for the best results. Nuts are expensive so they are best to buy in bulk, when at all possible.



Parmesan-Pumpkin Seed Crackers

This tasty snack can be made with any nut or seed or combination of. It makes a great crust as well.

  • 1c curds (ground)
  • 1c pumpkin seeds (soaked, toasted and ground)
  • 1/2 c sunflower seeds (ST&G)
  • 2T butter or other fat (coconut, tallow, goose)
  • 1/2c parmesan

I don’t have a food processor, but I have a great spice grinder which I use for everything I don’t use my mortar and pestle for. I grind up my curds and seeds with this and then mash everything together with my hands. I have always loved feeling the texture of foods ever since I baked as a kid. Feel free to just use a food processor.


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Anise Hazelnut Torte

I picked up a bag of shelled hazelnuts and soon found they are very easy to shell using a morter and pestle. After soaking the nut meat overnight I roasted them in a very low oven. The following recipe is what resulted next: 1 1/2 c hazelnuts (ground) 1/2 c almonds (ground) 1 T anise (ground) 3 T butter, softened…