Astrovision Horoscopes – November 2010

Harsha Rigney has provided me with some of the most helpful and down to earth Astrological readings I have so far come across. I used to read her health horoscopes every month when I lived in New Zealand. We are now fortunate that she puts up a summary every month on her helpful horoscope blog. I have included her mood for the month as well as just the Scorpio horoscope for November, please take a second to check out her horoscope blog to find your own horoscope for November.


Jupiter and Venus have both been Retrograde – Jupiter since 23rd July and Venus since 8th October. On the 19th November they both will move Direct. This is where the planet that had been appearing to move backwards (Retrograde) is now appearing to move forward (Direct). This takes the energy relative to that planet into an easier flow, having been held back, creating delays. With these two moving forward again we will generate more excitement in our lives, see progress with business developments, be more open in our relationships and have a greater feeling of love and ease of affection.



Traditional Fire Balloon Festival, Burma

I was looking back over some of my diary entries during the time I was working in Shan State at a beautiful hotel called Inle Princess Resort on the shores of the mystical Inle Lake. During this time I was training some of the kitchen staff in baking and pastry skills as well as sourcing various baking items for the hotel. I will hopefully get around to posting some of the other adventures I had soon as well. It was a really wonderful and unique experience. I lived there for around four months.


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